Machine Quilting - Let's Get Started

Machine Quilting - Let's Get Started

Posted by 801quilting on Mar 13th 2019

Machine Quilting – Let’s Get Started

801 Quilting can help you complete your quilting projects in four easy steps!

First – Iron and Square your quilt top and backing.
Width in inches x length in inches = total square inches of your quilt top.
Please note that your backing should be at least 8 inches longer and wider than your quilt top.

Second – Choose a quilting pattern. Choose from the selection of patterns listed below. If for some reason you need something not shown, we have a link to several additional patterns (Intelligent Quilter). Please note that some patterns may involve additional charges.

Third – Choose a thread color from the selections shown below.

Finally – You’ll pick batting to sandwich your quilt. Below is a list of the battings you can choose from. If you do not see what you are looking for, you can always supply your own. All we ask is that you supply at least 4 full inches on Each edge (minimum 8” wider that your quilt top) and 4 full inches to the length at Each end (minimum 8” longer than your quilt top).

If you are a newer customer, we like to know more about you and your quilting experience, so please provide your phone number and the best times to reach you. This will help us to provide the best possible service for each of your quilts.